Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We had planned to do a time lapse video of our entire honeybee installation, but my computer ran out of space mid-installation. You can still get an idea of what a beautiful day it was here and see our initial preparation (the filling of the feeder). And now, we just hope they like it here and decide to stay.

Friday, March 14, 2014

February Foodies

When I looked back over my photos of the last month, it seems like all we have done is eat. Perhaps the best way to survive February is to eat your way through it, partaking in some of the overwhelming deliciousness this amazing food city is serving up on a regular basis. We fill our bellies to comfort ourselves in this never-ending winter, to warm ourselves, to occupy ourselves, entertain ourselves, delight ourselves. The boys have continued with the food blog they made with their friend Ruben, and they have been making lists of all the places they want to visit together. This has had the unintended result of bringing all these restaurants fresh into my mind, making me hungry for each of them. And when we are not eating out, we are dining in, warm crispy roasted chicken one night and chicken pot pie from the leftovers the next night. Risotto stuffed pablano peppers, pretty much the yummiest thing I've made all winter.

The Burger Bar was loved by all. Especially for its fried pickles.

One of the highlights of the Burger Bar visit was a stop in their photo booth. We added the photo strip to our photo booth wall as soon as we got home.

A visit to the Apple store.

The following week, the boys reviewed Glazed and Infused, and we took advantage of their Packzi, since it was also National Packzi Day AND Fat Tuesday. Too many excuses to indulge in donuts. if we needed to discover yet another donut shop...Stan's Donuts opened across the street from Glazed and Infused, and is conveniently open late, which means when Glazed and Infused is sold out for donuts for the day, or closed, or just seems old news. To be clear, we visited Stan's on a different day than Glazed and Infused. But we've definitely developed a donut problem. There are too many yummy donut shops in this city.

Our new favorite Thai restaurant (watch for upcoming review of Sticky Rice on the boys' blog).

Bang Bang Pie Shop is a cozy place to spend a rainy afternoon. Even if you eat biscuits instead of pie.

Pastries at Cafe Sel Marie.

Chalk drawings after music class.

Old Town School Music Shop.

Old Town School Concert (featuring our wonderful mandolin teacher, Jonas, here playing a resonator guitar).

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spreading the (Green) Love

Our friend Ruben made this video to help spread the word about Earth Day and things you can do to help the planet. We'll be joining him for a "Neighborhood Clean Up" on Earth Day. What are your Earth Day plans? Mainly, I hope we'll be able to see more of it (the earth, I mean!) by April 22...I'm hoping this is the last snow of the season, and we're on to greener days... Go Green!


Friday, February 21, 2014

And in other news, it's still cold.

So cold...I had to scrape the INSIDE of the car.

Otto is building a small army. But will they help to keep us warm? They just might.

Happy hearts.

Martin and Max selfie.

Homage to Devo. (We learned the next day of the band's Bob Casale's sudden death.)

Another day, another blizzard.

The sun came out in time for a geocache find with Ruben.

Celebrating National Cherry Pie Day. (And National Love Your Pet Day, conveniently on the same day.)

Pokemon Battle.

At least February means the arrival of much needed cookies.

Monday, February 10, 2014

How To Survive a Polar Vortex (or Two)

Eat lots of baked goods.

Direct a Lego animation.

Zen out with Zentangles.

Join a band.

Practice retail therapy.

Say Goodbye to Uncle Fun.

Eat out.

Dine in.

 Change your look.

Take up chain maille.

Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day. And as many other silly holidays as you can stand. It was a busy week, with National Kazoo Day, National Corn Chip Day and Backwards Day close behind.

Have lunch with friends.

Spot the Doughnut Vault Van in a parking garage.

Play lots of board games.

Hit the gym.

Take up an instrument.

Attend a luncheon.

Make new friends.

Participate in winter sports.

Almost Always Hungry