Sunday, November 24, 2013

Winding Down

…but still doing SO MUCH!

The last few weeks have been filled with a lot of quiet time at the house, baking, cooking, hanging out together. But we've also tried to pack as much as possible into Lena's last few weeks here, since there are still so many things on our list that we want to do. November has just been flying by.

Here's a peek at some of the stuff we did.


 Museum of Science and Industry.

Sky High Trampoline.

New shoes (and new shoe care).

Botanic Garden (and its quilt show).

Lena helped the boys write a German letter to Oma and to Onkel Stephan and Tante Petra.

Homemade bagels! (High on the list of MUST DO!)

The boys took a break from playing Pokemon the DS game to play Pokemon the card game.

Lena and the boys made chocolate truffles.

The farmer's market almost moves indoors—there are a handful of vendors who are still outside. Temperatures are dropping so fast!

Wicked at the Oriental Theatre.

Field Museum with Kate, Lindsay and Mike.

We saw the exhibit on the 1983 Columbian Exposition, and the boys had their first Cracker Jacks (first introduced at the Columbian Exposition in, yes, you guessed it, 1893!). These Cracker Jacks were not quite that old, but they were made to look it (and apparently they tasted a little bit like that too).

Lena and I did a little sewing project together. (Corn pillow/bed warmer. I made a whole bunch of these for my family last year as Christmas presents, and as soon as the weather dips down into the 40s, we break them out and start craving popcorn every evening.)

We went to a show at the CSO and got a cellist to play one of our original works.

Martin blew us all away with his French Horn skills. Even this unknown guy on the right here is impressed.

To Indiana one last time. We finally made it to Journeyman Distillery.

Two of Lena's friends from Germany (currently living in Toronto) came for a visit. They stayed with us for a few days, and the three of them went out on the town. But first, we all had a little celebration together: it was Kai's 21st birthday on the day of their arrival, and we all went to Revolution Brewery for dinner (and a flight of beer).

And back home for cake.

It's good practice for hosting and hanging out with teenagers (even if they are officially beyond that), since I am realizing that Max is not really so far in age from these guys! 

Lena's last Saturday in Chicago (what?! is it true?!) was pretty low key. We went to the Lill Street Art Fair and saw lots of interesting pottery and jewelry and textiles. We also found this cute little statue of a guy named Otto.

Sweets at Angel Bakery.

I can't believe that Lena's stay is coming to an end soon. It really has been like having an older sister for the kids. It has made life so much easier to have an extra person to help with the kids (she is playing Mario Party with them as I type this), to stay with them when I make a quick grocery store run, to inspire them to try new things, to do fun crafts and baking projects with them, to give us all a reason to be tourists in our own city.

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glo said...

How fun it must be to be a guest of yours!!!How long shall I stay??? What shall we eat? Where shall we go and what shall we play?